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Thanks for checking out the Remote Commander Beta! Please comment with any feedback you may have!


You are the new General of "Initiative 7B". You just docked on one of 10 Command Ships in the massive fleet that orbits in the Zertang Galaxy. Your army of robots and the three captains you've never met are ready for your command. An AI assistant named Ina is set up to teach you the control software so don't be afraid to jump in.

Remote Commander is a fast paced Real Time Strategy game that focuses on quick decision making, unit placement, and time management. Take enemy towers to increase your unit production and hold off the enemy waves until you are able make an attack of your own and take the sector's enemy portal. As you take over one sector after another down each of the 4 paths you will have to manage your 3 captains, Cortes, Hale, and Kasumi to defend the three fronts that you aren't able to attend to at the moment. If you are feeling secure in your other fronts or you just need some extra help with a sector you can also just have any of your captains join you in the fight with their powerful and unique mechs.


Remote Commander is still in Beta and has limited story content available. Coming soon will be extensive dialogue options and interactions with dozens of characters. (Story updates will be rare but include lots of content to increase enjoyment for beta players)


Current features include:

  • Interactive tutorial
  • 30 Maps (sectors)
  • 3  unique captains to either defend outlying sectors or fight along side you
  • 1 Upgradable Super Unit (Receiver Bot)
  • Multiple unit and Tower types
  • Up to 900 units per sector with individual experience based upgrading
  • Complex enemy AI armies with multiple unit types and variations  
  • Portals (bases) and Towers to capture and defend
  • 4 unique bosses (Mercenaries) and 8 boss events
  • Voice Overs and SFX
  • 6 music tracks
  • much more!

Known  issues to be fixed:

  • Tutorial does not include instructions on how to command your captain, use the sector map, or create Beam Towers (although some instructions are given if you hover your mouse over captains and buttons in the sector map)
  • Does not yet include some settings such as accessibility features
  • If your launch sector is taken by the enemy the game simply restarts without explanation or warning (warning is given if there are captains protecting the launch sector)

Notable Planned Features:

  • 4 additional bosses
  • Finishing the 42 sectors planned
  • Project Fleet:
    • Full  fleet of space ships to explore with dozens of characters
    • Interactive quests and puzzles given by characters throughout the fleet to be completed in the fleet and in various sectors
    • Functions for switching between Remotely Commanding your army through sectors and exploring the fleet
  • Project Satellite which will allow a view for showing much more detailed graphics than the current "Digitized View" which is designed for clarity and focus.
  • Clump formation and encircle formation (tentative)
  • additional enemy types
  • local and online multiplayer support (tentative)


In a sector:

  • Push the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the view
  • Hold left mouse button to select units
  • Right click to move selected units to mouse location
  • Hold middle mouse button or 'alt' to cancel selection and stop units under mouse
  • Double tap middle mouse button or 'alt' to stop all unit movements
  • Press 'space' while a tower or PAT is highlighted to change it's mode (Between Attack Mode, Balanced Mode, and Defense Mode)
  • Hold Shift and left click to convert 10 selected units into a Beam Tower

In Map:

  • Click with the left mouse button on any sector to enter it
  • Click and drag with the left mouse button to move a captain or army to a sector
  • Push the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the view


Created by Timothy Cardoza.

Special thanks to Rachel Peckett for use of her voice and ideas.

Thanks to all my friends and family who have tested and given amazing feedback throughout this whole process!


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