Development Update and expected schedule

The next update is waiting on a few major additional features I'm calling the "Satellite Project" which includes a completely new satellite view which is locked until a particular boss event. The boss event is also under development.

As part of the Satellite View development I have done some significant adjustments to the rest of the game and am working on syncing up gameplay between the two views. The Satellite view is a significant element of the story of the game so some story features are also planned before releasing this next update. The Satellite Project is approximately 50% complete so expect an update in the next couple of weeks.

Depending on how the development continues on the Satellite Project I predict there may be some delays (Voice Over recording for example). If things end up getting delayed too much I may move on and work on some other updates to publish before the Satellite Project.

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The Satellite Project was delayed due to significant unforeseen technical and design issues. I have moved on to working on another larger part of the game however so it may be some time between updates.